Region:          Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Production:    12,000 Bottles

Site:      www.vodopivec.it

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Paolo Vodopivec dreamed of creating a wine that was a true expression of terroir and a unique experience for the drinker. For his wines, he selected a single grape, Vitovska, which he feels best represents the Carso area located in Fruili at the border of Italy and Slovenia. Farming in Carso is quite challenging; famous for its fresh, dry winds that blow in from the Adriatic Sea (bora), cold winters, hot summers, and nearly solid bedrock with a top layer of red soil that is rich in iron. His love of the land has led him to produce wines naturally with very little intervention and balanced with nature. The grapes are grown with no irrigation, no manmade fertilizers, and no pesticides. Only small plots of land are used, each having their own ecosystems of flowers, trees, vines, insects, and birds.



The parcels are harvested and aged separately. The Origine is aged in large Slavonian barrels for 36 months. The Vitovska is aged in Georgian amphorae for 6 months to capture the pureness of the grape and then later moved to large Slavonian barrels for further aging. The amphorae are buried to allow gravity and other forces of the earth to influence the wine. There is no use of temperature control, no addition of cultured yeast and the wines are not filtered or fined.


Paolo’s intensity, strong beliefs in nature, and passion have produced wine that is stunning in its complexity, elegance, and uniqueness.