Region:          Toscana

Production:    100,000 Bottles

Site:      www.vka.it

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The Mugello region gives birth to the first Tuscan Organic vodka 

VKΛ is the first Tuscan vodka. Once again, a land rich in agricultural traditions gives birth to a product that shows the personality, the history, the innovation, the strength and the elegance of the “made in Tuscany”

VKΛ is a project whose center is Tuscany, its constitutive elements, its land, its water and its people. 

The ingredients that distinguish VKΛ are the organic Tuscan wheat and the water from the Appennini Mountains. 

VKΛ was born under the philanthropic aim of returning to the earth the essence of its fertility producing top-quality raw materials, underlining the centrality of the local agricultural products. 



Futa s.r.l, is the company that since 2013 produce VKΛendorsing the Tuscan organic wheat production chain and incentivizing the agricultural cooperatives and the farmers, favoring the employment increase. The farmer and the land are the points of reference of a plan that starts from the quality of the raw materials and comes to their natural evolution, facing the global market. In order to keep the utmost ecological sustainability, our wheat is distilled following a zero-impact process: Proteins, starches and gluten are extracted and sold to the food industry, while the residuals are used as animal feed. 

The choice of the acronym VKΛ placed in vertical on the bottle is a consequence of this way of thinking: if the bottle is put sideways, the name VKΛ becomes a system in which the V and the Λ turn out to be the symbol of greater and less (> <) that indicates the earth (-) and the scale’s fulcrum (V). So to represent the perfect balance between the earth and its elements. 

VKΛ’s essence is the grain of wheat, distilled in order to obtain organic alcohol using a double-effect “4 column” system, operating under vacuum. The filtration takes place through active carbon and demethylation. Then, the perfect blend is made adding water coming from the Mugello Mountains, which marks out the product in a very typical way. 

In the mouth, VKΛ shows clear hints of vanilla and golden apple, while the nose focuses on scents of fresh wheat and almond. Drunk at room temperature, gives an astonishing velvety roundness at the palate.