La Serena

Region:          Toscana

Production:    25,000 Bottles




The farm “La Rasa” has been in the Mantengoli family since 1933. In 1988 Andrea and his brother became involved in the production of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino wines. Over the years as production has risen to 30,000 bottles and the property has extended to 8.5 hectares, the focus on quality has only intensified. The success experienced by the small azienda is a direct consequence of the attentive care that has been dedicated, most importantly, to the vineyard and wine cellar.

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Andrea’s philosophy: In my opinion, the natural way is the only way to produce “quality of terroir”: the grape flavor depends on how the plant feeds. The best method is with organic fertilization: grass in the rows, dry crushed vine shot collected in compost heap, stalks and skins they are the best tonic to rebuild the soil. The richness of the soil can be measured by the presence of life: animal, vegetal and microbiological life. Montalcino is one of the regions where the vines, especially sangiovese, give their best.

So there is only one way to make wine in Montalcino and this way is the organic way. In my opinion, you can understand the potential of a “terroir” only if you follow the bio approach. Our wine respects the differences of the soil, our vineyards are managed the way the vineyards were always managed, and the result is a wine that respects the land: the differences of the soil result in complexity of the wine.


La Serena harvests the vineyards manually, choosing the grapes both in the field and in the cellar with the selection table. The grapes are de-stemmed and partially squashed. After the first fermentation in steel tanks, the wort performs the malolactic fermentation inside wooden casks of 30-40 hl and inside truncated cone vats. The wine is then aged in oak casks for a minimum of 2 years followed by long refinement in bottles.