Fattoria La Rivolta

Region:          Campania


Site: http://www.fattorialarivolta.com/

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In the early twentieth century, the agricultural company was born from the passion of grandparents Giovanni and Teresa. Combining their strengths and acquiring new land in the Ciurica, Rivolta and Roseto districts, they create one of the largest and most productive farms in the province of Benevento.

At their death, over 120 hectares were distributed among the eight children. In 1991 two brothers, Mario and Bruno, decided to combine their land in a common management; “Ciurica s.n.c.” is thus born.

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Since 1997, the grapes, produced in the vineyards of the Chaplin family, have been vinified in a splendid farmhouse in stone renovated and restored with taste and love. It has been equipped with the most suitable equipment for the correct vinification and is constantly evolving and updating


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